Friday, November 09, 2007
my songs are starting to bleed together
posted by forrestrose @ 3:59 AM

I wait for all this weight to lift from me
I only wish that I could hide from everything
(take me away)
and everything I stand to gain from this
there is nothing left for me
I am so completely empty

(I won't be free
until I claim what's haunting me
oh if I stall till I am ready
will there be enough of me
for me to defeat my enemy)

oh but I must soldier on
(no pain you say)
I must be strong
(no pain you say)
I can't go on
(these games we play)

(will I make it through the day
oh can I outlast the pain)
no pain you say
no pain you say
no gain today
(these games we play)

this is some bastard of a song that's currently an addition to 'no pain'. which makes a bit of sense because of the way the song makes a ton of references to other songs, but the sampling I'm doing here is a bit too over the top. regardless, I like it, so I'm screwed I guess. I was just saying that streetlight manifesto makes me feel a little bit better that all my songs sound the same (and I don't mean that in a bad way).

and here's another song I've been sitting on, it's in pieces and doesn't want to fit together just yet, but I can only hope I'll smash it all together and do it justice:

and now I cast you out of my life
(and now I cast you out of my life)
waiting to give in to my fright
(until I change my mind)
I'm so afraid to be alone
but I've been here all along
all alone

either way I cannot stay this way
(all the way I've been counting the days)
oh I know I can't overcome
will I make it through the day
oh can I outlast the pain
(all the things you've done to me
all the things that I chose not to see)
of all the things that you and I have overdone

for now I'll take you into my life
(so now I cannot make up my mind)
'cause I will give in every time
and every day that I'm alone
I wish for something I could hold
(something for me to hold onto)
something to hold
something to hold
(can I hold on)

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