Friday, August 03, 2007
someone inspire me or claire, the uninspired
posted by forrestrose @ 2:35 AM

what's to say that we could ever be the same
and what do I know anyway
we can't move on from here
if I can't feel a thing

I'm so tired of being unable to decide
oh will I ever find it in me to call it a night
oh I can't say that it's not worth it
I can't say that it's not right
I can only say that I have no more will to fight

I wrote this a while ago in some half asleep haze and just rediscovered it. I have another song I'm eager to post, but it's not ready yet, it's confused and still sort of in the concept stage. I've been really lazy with my guitar writing lately, and I keep repeating chord progressions and vocal melodies that go with them. would someone remind me that I love playing the guitar and that there's much more I could be doing with it than a standard/overused chord progression with the same strumming rhythm that I use in every single song I've written since "falling"? that's half the reason I want a band (well, maybe a quarter), to bring out my creativity on the guitar, but I'm so unconfident in my guitar skills at this point I would probably be ashamed or embarrased to play with anyone who was any good at their instrument. not that I expect to ever get a band, or to do any of the things I had planned for my life, but I never stop hoping.

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