Sunday, May 20, 2007
there's no other way to live than filled with doubt
posted by forrestrose @ 5:45 AM

all the clocks have struck the time
that we should be defined
(that we should have been defined)
by now
we should be well upon our way
(we are in the way)
there's nowhere we can't stray
(there are so many steps to take)
but still we stay

when I find the way, I'll be sure to check it out (chicken out)
but I always will be frightened by the sound
and no matter what I'll never live it down
(there's no other way to live than filled with doubt)

I wish it wasn't so late (early) so I could write more to this. I should not even bother to mention anymore that I've ripped off at least two of my own, and others', songs. but I was saying the other day that someone would have a lot of fun rearranging my songs, since they're all in the same or similar keys and would probably fit well together. maybe I'll do that when I get too old to write anymore good music, if I ever need to fill some shitty record label's album quota, or if I want to milk my songs for all they're worth (which probably isn't much). being so bitter is fun, isn't it?

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