Monday, May 14, 2007
"and don’t tell me not to reference my songs within my songs"
posted by forrestrose @ 3:57 AM

no pain, you say
as I lie on the floor
bled and bruised
I can't even breathe anymore
(no pain, you say)
but I can still feel the pain
(lying on the floor)
of having had to lose
(slain and stabbed, you slew me)

I can still feel the waves crashing over me
I can still feel the weight pushing down on me
I can still feel the rain washing over me
I can still feel the pain I've been gathering

no pain, you say


and I wasn't gonna post this one, but what the hell, excuse the bad rhyme scheme:

could I have been the one to save you
if lines could be redrawn, would I change your view
would time be overturned if you came to
would fires cease to burn, and waters fail to move
is there nothing I could say in my last words to you
if a rose is a rose and can't be changed into blue

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