Thursday, February 01, 2007
posted by forrestrose @ 6:28 AM

every day I wake up
to the afternoon telling me
it's just too late to move

I'd wake up to the morning light
but I cannot stand to waste the night
I cannot take the feel of direction

under my shell
I'm soft and frail
over all this stone
is a place that should've been home
but I know it'll never come close
it'll never come close

every day I end up waiting
for the world to stop rotating
because I can't pick up the pieces all alone

(it'll never come close)

every day I try to stay on top
will I finish, will I even start
the lists are getting longer by the minute
(the day is getting shorter by the minute)

all the clutter's piled much too high (from floor to ceiling)
this room is a store of abandoned ties (the air is stifling)
(the air in this room is running dry)
you'd think I could resist the urge to fill it
(who thought I could remain here all alone)

I thought I could remain all alone
(what do I know)
what if I don't
(don't go)
(what if I go)
I came close
but I know

I hate finishing songs and being completely incapable of recording them well. but I'm fighting with n-track right now to mix down the usual shit-version. I think I'm happy with it, but I'll probably come up with some complaints as I continue to listen to it. oh well.


I added some lines to the end (above), so now I get to mix it down again (joy). this song sort of changed its subject on me and I'm a little annoyed about it (I guess you can't avoid putting what you're feeling into a song). but whatever.

this was supposed to be a fun post, here, my abandoned ties:

by the way, the ending of this totally reminds me of stina nordenstam's "little star" every time I listen to it. which isn't really a bad thing because I love the song, but I'm not a big fan of ripping people off (even accidentally).

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