Wednesday, January 03, 2007
time will tell
posted by forrestrose @ 4:48 AM

time will tell me nothing
'cause only time will lie about what's coming
and what's behind the shoes that we've been running
three at a time and time, again, is cunning
and takes us for a ride

ride on while you can still feel (it)
and don't come till you've learned what's real (the meaning)
and don't you fear what's inbetween
(time will tell me nothing)
the roads are steep but time will lead the way
(the roads are clear but time is in the way)

this song is my new love. but now that I'm posting it, it's doomed to be unfinished for a while. it sounds very similar to something (many things?) and I hope it's just one of my songs and not someone else's (the harmony is very similar to "you walk right through me"). actually, it reminds me a bit of church music, which should've been intentional on my part, but probably wasn't.


time to tell me what you plan on doing for me
I'm sure that you'll be plenty ready to fool me
and time will tell me what its plans are for me
(time has taught me to be wary of what's before me)
I'm sure it will be sitting right before me
(I'm sure that I'll be getting all that comes to me)

time is but a means to slow you down
time is what it means to be let down
time does what it needs to hold you down
time is just a need to be soldiered out

now imagine all four of these parts all layered on top of each other. I'm such a gratuitous bastard. but I love it.

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