Thursday, November 30, 2006
seasick, too
posted by forrestrose @ 7:27 AM

I sit in this rocking boat
and wonder if you can hear me
I wonder if you notice me
pretending to look the other way
but I know this is my fault
and I know it's not your call
I just wonder, are you seasick too

I wait with this boat
for you to meet me here
I wait for the tide
to wash me away
I hope it's not the way
you wanted it to be

the boat is sinking
my world is spinning
too fast for me to blink
I'm tired of the way
(by the way)
I can't speak the words to say
(I am seasick every day)
all the thoughts that I can think
(and I don't want to sink)

I sit in this wayward boat
and yearn for you to hear (help) me
(can you hear me)
(will you steer me)
I beg for you to notice me
demanding to live a better fate
but I know you give your all
(I know this is my call)
and I know we're all at fault
I just wonder, will we make it through
(are you seasick too)

the water's always freezing
and you are always leaving me here
drifting, dreaming (drowning)

I've been itching (or should I say "yearning") to post this, but I finally finished the lyrics (in a half-assed way? maybe). I'd love to post the mp3 but I want to sit on it for a day or two, see if I want to change anything else. it's a terrible recording, of course, but I love it anyway. I just hope I make a real recording of it and don't just settle for this one. it's 7:30 in the morning, don't ask me why I felt I needed to finish this before going to sleep. now I really wish I hadn't.


so the recording is as finished as it's going to get for the time being, enjoy (and tell me what you think): (last song on the list)

Comments (1):
On 12/04/2006 11:04 PM, Anonymous Kathleen! said...  
ooh, some html tags? well thanks, blogger! at least i can do italics. fucking...whatsit. facebook! won't let you do ANY html. it's so dumb.

anyway! you need to send me the mp3 file of this so i can listen to it not on purevolume, because it's all gorgeous and a half. it would take me about six months to get harmonies that pretty and intricate all straightened out. and some of the melody lines (and the way they work with the guitar) remind me of far, i think.


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