Monday, September 04, 2006
posted by forrestrose @ 2:31 AM

you always told me
to try something new
but that's just not what I do

over my shoulder
I look to the world
to pull me out of this

it's not what I meant to say
(it's not making sense to me)
I know you'd go all the way
but I'm afraid
you've gone too far
and now you're just far away

I really want "nonsense" to be the title of this because it's sort of ironic, but I don't want someone to think I wasn't taking myself seriously (ha!), so I think I need a real title for it :( it's only about a minute long, but I think I plan on leaving it that length. maybe I just can't write full songs anymore.

I've been editing "silence" all night and I swear I never want to hear the song again (not really). but uh, I don't know anything about equalizing or anything? and that's all it needs really. I'm afraid to even try. but a fun name for something (I have no idea what) I came up with is "seamless static". it's sort of a tounge twister if you say it too many times. editing this song has got me thinking about an EP and how much I want to make one. I really just have to do the artwork (I sort of started it already) and re-mix/re-record? ("alone") my songs. I was pretty set on photocopying the art but I wonder if there's some other inexpensive way to do black and white printing...

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