Saturday, June 05, 2004
Where's the girl going? (new song)
posted by forrestrose @ 4:18 AM

oh where is the girl going
so far down in the waves
we all thought she had something
but clearly that was a mistake

where's the girl going

so what does she plan on doing
oh when will she find her place
you know, she was really something
now she's just a waste
(what a waste)

where's the girl going

oh girl don't you worry
don't be afraid
the world's full of beasts and fear and pain
but you've just got to play the game anyway

I don't have any answers
and I am ashamed
I could gamble off my life
but this isn't a game

oh where is the girl going
she is stranded out in the rain
you know something
I don't think she'll ever find her way

where's the girl going


p.s. i posted this on jim's birthday (well, the night before anyway). happy birthday jim!

p.p.s. the working title for this song is "waste", but I don't think I've referred to it with this name once except on the rough recordings on my computer. I wrote something else with this name, and even though it sucks, I think it should keep the name. I really hate that as a title for this one.


calling it "girl" because that's the easy way out, despite it being the title of a great 'far' song and a tori song

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