Tuesday, June 29, 2004
to scrap or not to scrap?
posted by forrestrose @ 2:58 AM

jim yells at me because I won't throw anything out. but I started writing a song and I must've been listening to something weird at the time and it had a definite influence on it. it's sort of uninteresting and not really my style, but in listening to my rough recording and playing it over and over, I like it more and more. It was pretty much 4 lines, but I'm going to get rid of the last one, so as it is, it's just this:

sunny skies never did it for me
severed ties have their hold on me
over-thinking, ever failing

not much, huh? we'll see.

but I want to know the supposed 4 guests are that were on here a second ago. a very strange occurance (pathetic, no?). but anyway.

been thinking about doing some site promotion, but I'm not sure if I should, did I explain this already? I'd really like a domain, but I can't figure out what, as most things could be easily misspelled, I sort of don't like the site address as it is...



sunny skies never did it for me
severed ties have their hold on me
over-thinking, ever failing
always sinking, I've been lingering here

not much to read, but it sounds good (jim helped a bit). I guess that means I'm keeping it.


wrote some more to it. I didn't want to post this because I was onto something and I didn't want to fuck it up. but then I fucked it up. so here's my chorus/verse/stanza/thing. somewhat of a variation on a scrapped theme (the 'colder' thing for anyone who read it before I killed it or heard the recording).

and sometimes it gets cold
waiting for someone to call on me
and when I fall
I fall so hard

and talk about broken images, what's up with that. I get to see all the bad web design where some of the images have set sizes and others don't. hah. only I would give a shit about that.

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